Ever heard of food professing love ? Some funny food for thought.
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I love it; it's such an unique idea! Though I must say: how on earth did you manage to come up with this idea?
This is sooo CUTE! Especially how you describe their emotions as foods or food related... uhmm words >.<
It's 'Slurprizing' :))
till chefs do us part... ohemgee... where did you get this idea from or how did you come up with this... i was smiling the whole time! lol
I love it! it's so sweet  and clever how you made a love story about a noodle and a hot sauce. :D
hahah! so clever about what you did with the dedication! This story is so funny and cute!
This is adorable...
A reasonably original piece that has been cleverly executed. Thank you.

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