Ever heard of food professing love ? Some funny food for thought.
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I love it; it's such an unique idea! Though I must say: how on earth did you manage to come up with this idea?
So cute! I was smiling and laughing the whole time I read it. You should do another, with like, PB&J or something!
@shandes  You're welcome :D
You should've seen my Mum's face,she was like Ooookayyy then and backed away.
hahah this is so cute <3 :)

i quite like bread w/out butter...
but cake w/out sugars a new 1. im gonna have 2 use tht
I found this story very funny and its a very light happy story that I will definitely continue to read! *
very nice... but i only have one thing to say....I hate hot sauce, and noodles to so To me they dont go together like bread and butter, but blame my taste buds 

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