Life is Beautiful...

Flowers and Roses, Play with friends until dawn... Knifes and guns, Tanks shooting walls... war rages on... Life is Beautiful....
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You seem to hate girls! Not all girls are like that you know!!!!!! 
Anyway, there are girls like this too *sighs* 
Anyhow, this poem was great (too)
@AndrewT as fun as that sounds *ridonkulously sarcastic voice*,  I'd rather get my teeth extracted :P, have a cyber ice cream <|)|)
Love the abstract-ism, didn't really get it that much, but yes, I'm a girl, I loved the "now make me a sandwich" part! :)
@AndrewT Awww that's sad. Sorry i've been dead to the internet for a while but I've been busy.
@AndrewT But blood is being spilled :O

For such a small thing.......... I ghuess it means a lot 

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