The Story of Her Holding an Orange

This is the story of a mysterious, never-aging woman who followed me my whole life. She always wanted only one thing from me: to take her orange.
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Im so scared right now. Can't finish the story,and Im on only at the first chapter. CREEPY~
Well that's not at all crazy. Do I shake or do I cry or both oh my gosh I can't form a coherent sentence right now
Dude I'm so fucking scared its midnight and there's an orange sitting on my couch..
Oh my god, I knew I should have never read this. I'm home alone for the whole day
This is insanely bizarre. I'm wondering what the orange signifies to her. Dude I'm massively creeped out yet I need to keep reading :)
I don't even know what to say. At first I'm like " ok that's weird" but now Im like "oh my gosh, that's freaking creepy!"

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