Hi, Daddy. (Completed)

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myheartsmistake By myheartsmistake Completed
A little girl's letter to her dad, praying he just might see it.
That was a heartwarming and heartbreaking letter,,,,,,plz check out my stories!
It just reminds me the time my dad got in hospital because of an assault.
Seriously! What is wrong with you girl! I just finished crying over Saving Summer and then I turn to read this, and BAM!, I find myself crying again! But all in all, this is and amazing work!
It's so sad but also beautiful! 
you made it sound like it was actually written by a little kid. she is so innocent and naiv and always trying to see the bright side and remembering only the good things 
you are amazing! Thank you <3
try listening to 'You & I' by One Direction. its even more sad if that is even possible. 
I was listening to 1D's song you & I slowed down with rain. I was crying so bad