Hi, Daddy. (Completed)

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katie ann By katie ann Completed
A little girl's letter to her dad, praying he just might see it.
How old is she and this is so sad it hit me when i read the first part
i feel bad for everyone who goes/went through something like this... I guess it's kinda good that I don't know my father then
awe this really got to me. I don't get to see my dad much and well he hasn't been there for me as much I wish he had.
well this is sad!
i would not be like monica if my dad died though, because he has not been my dad sine i was about 5
I don't know what I would do if my dad died.... I wouldn't be the same. 
I wouldn't be happy, hyper or energetic anymore. 
I would be... Silent. Depressed. 
I love my dad so much, and if anything happened to him, I know I would break.
Really???PLEASE Wright more this is amazing holy moly.......lol