Hi, Daddy. (Completed)

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katie ann By katie ann Completed
A little girl's letter to her dad, praying he just might see it.
Aww sh!t. Here come the feels. This hit me really hard and idk why ):
I cried the whole time. The feels. I can barely see the key board.
Ok, well I was crying and than boom. Monica. 

the feels got to me. now im siting in an empty bath tub with my ipad crying.
my dad died when u was 5 and this  is just the way i felt an omg im crying now its so so idk good
It makes me feel so bad knowing that this is how other's life are. I might not know how it feels to lose your dad but I know it must be hard. May God help the people who have lost someone important to them and they feel they have nothing to live for. Amen.