My Sonnets and Poetry

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Athena By OlympusPlayer Updated 2 years ago
A collection of Sonnets by yours truly. They follow the iambic pentameter thing and the pattern abab, cdcd, efef, gg. Kind of like Shakespearean Sonnets, but their my own. As of May 7, 2013, I've added in random poetry as well.
Absolutely beautiful. I did that this year after reading Romeo and Juliette in English. Mine was about valentines day and I think I got maybe an 80
This was beautiful, and very deep. Well done. It really related to myself also.
Very nice. I like the word choice here even more and the flow is better. I think this one comes more naturally.
wow. you're so talented. i have trouble writing these all the time!
                                    yet i could not say it is a sonnet.
                                    check the rythmic pattern of a sonnet.
                                    but i do really like the message!
But this is a lovely poem. Just because you mentioned the Iambic pentameter, I wondered about the trochees. I have difficulty getting my metrical feet right almost all the time :(