Playful Kiss!

Do you ever have that someone that is way out of your leage?? Well what if fate is so cruel that you end up living with them... In a world separated by social standings and brains will Sarah Brooks ever be able to measure up to Nate Collins?? There school is separated by class A-F. A being the smartest and F being the dumbest. If Nate is in A and Sarah is in F how are they ever going to match up!? What if Sarah isn't as stupid as everyone thinks??
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I've seen the korean drama Playful Kiss. Is this like a fan-fic of it or something else?
Its very interesting and good. Haha I loved that you surpsrised me that it was a dream =)
Keep writing and don't worry about haters hun =)
I love the playful kiss drama, anime,manga.I love the story your writing it good
Never heard of that drama but you sure had me fooled with the marriage =) 
aaaaand continuing to read now!
OMG the taiwanese drama it started with a kiss! or the korean drama playful kiss
Wow the summery of this story is a lot like the korean drama playful kiss! I'm curious to see how this story unfolds.

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