Death Maze

What would you do if a stranger were to ask if you would like a drive home? But, when they say 'home', they don't mean your home. What if your legs and arms are numb from wandering home while carrying a numerous amount of shopping bags from your local shopping mall? Then would you accept? Sadly, this story is not about what you would do, but what Alexis Stevenson would do leading up to her untimely demise. In this story, we follow Alexis every step of the way, accompanying her on the journey through gory, messed up horror she thought only existed in movies. Welcome to the Death Maze.
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You also put 'Out' instead of 'Our' and 'Bulding' instead of 'Building' lol Simple mistakes;D
omfg, I love this story and I want to kill you now for that song -.-
ugh, this is so horrifying, but intriguing I loved it :))

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