Fire {Elements of Power 1}

Is control over the elements a gift, or a curse? Roxy thinks that she is in control of everything: with flames flaring at her fingertips and an equally fiery attitude, what more could she need? But then she meets Brae, a prince from a rival Realm, who turns her assumptions of superiority upside down. Jasmine has none of Roxy’s confidence or intensity. But she does have a secret - and Brae - and she’s not going to give either up willingly.
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@makexbelieve ah sorry about that I actually read this during the early hours,bbut now that I read this again there aren't ant mistakes at all. Sorry again!
Wow, i loved it! cant wait to see where it goes! you should change one of the categories to action, your action is amazing!
I loved the opening scene, the details were amazing :D
A little dialogue heavy, but you def made up for it in detail and awesomeness. Voted!
:o love it:DYou can be sure that I will add this to my library and continue to read it:)
i actually really like this story so far ! its amazing , your descriptions are really good and this is a fantastic way to start a story :) keep it up!
I've added it to my reading list. The writing is great and I can't wait to read more :)

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