The Lady in Armour

This is the story of Jo who dared to change everyone's destiny. With the help of some friends and the mystic fire dragon of north, Jo delved into the world of spirits, searched for solutions on how to end everyone's suffering. Come and see Jo's mischievous adventures and twisted love story.
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I love how you've written this :) Amazing descriptions and interesting dialogue! Great job. Voted
@Damoth What gave you inspiration to write this novel? It is very drawing! SEND IT TO A PUBLISHER! Xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Good decription, and everything else is perfect. ;) I really like Liam! Well, so far...
I read this last night and found it really captivating cannot wait to read more.
Love the opening poem as the person below stated. The story flows well & you have great discriptions, well done. :)
The intro is really great Not really anything to criticise. Liam already sounds hot and sexy and yummy. So... Great job!

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