Silent Agony

If you ever Lost a loved one, to death, to betrayal, or maybe to just life IF you ever got your heart broken to a million little pieces IF your soul ever cried a thousand and one cry in silence with no one to hear you this Poem is for you ..
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That was really sad (for the lack of better words). I liked how the one that gave him life was the one he 'killed'.
I loved this! I could feel the emotion, and darkness, and it brought tears to my eyes! Good luck in the attys! ^_^

I loved this poem. It was so full of emotion. I have lost a love from the cruelty of time so this poem had a lot of meaning for me.
Right, this sounds corny...but i actually cried! no, really! good luck with the Attys. i totally voted.
Great poem, I could feel the sadness/darkness in the poem. 
Keep it up and good luck in the Attys.

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