From Rejected to Rogue

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    "No, I'm not your mate and I never ever will be I reject a worthless, pathetic, cow like you! Tell nobody about this or i will exile you." With that he walked away.
    We stand alone now, Just me and Lexi. I don't get involved with other packs I'm a good girl and I leave them alone. They get very annoying after awhile and sometimes I ask myself why I do but then I remember I'm not suicidal.
    My name Is Jamie Crystal, and I'm a rogue.
    My mate, who happened to be the Alpha of my former pack rejected me because I wasn't as pretty as all the sluts. Plus, my parents died when I was an infant. My mother died giving birth to me and My father killed himself with a silver knife to the chest out of greef. Seems like a Romeo and Juliet ending huh? 
    Oh! not to mention My big sister hooking up with MY Mate flanting her slutty self all over him, and My brother, The pack's Beta, telling me how worthless I am and of course the physical and mental abuse the WHOLE pack put me through.
    Yes, life is great.. well.. now it is.
I lol-ed reading how a teenager bought herself an expensive sports car, Lamborghini in cash (that's totally absurd!), even the richest guy in the world Bill Gates doesn't even own a Lamborghini! lol
same. but I think I look this with them. there not to big or small. there perfect (even tho I'm still over weight) I can't imagine my body without those rolls.
Hun, almost everyone got rolls. Don't be hating yourself for them! You can be skinny as can be with at least a roll or two. Love your body and have confidence and nobody will notice!
I have a best friend named Lexi who matches most of those traits, so that makes me uncomfortable to read that
Red Is my favorite color, because it represents to stay away from me, because I will either slit your throat or drive you to the point of mental insanity
how dangerous are you cuz I'm pretty sure you will be running when u break your nail or when dirt gets on your leg