Trick Or Cheat?

Gracie Alford just wants to have a clean start after her parents death, but every day she is reminded of how alone she is. Soon, someone special comes along, someone that can help her forget everything; even her own name. That someone is tall, dark and handsome, smart and funny but he also has secrets of his own. This makes a cut into they're relationship of how much he actually trusts Gracie; the love of his life, but his secrets aren't easy. They're not your usual "I have a hairy back", his secrets are big, bigger than you can ever imagine. Soon, he becomes a stranger as Gracie wonders how much he actually loves and trusts her. How can she relax in the arms of a stranger? Will he give up his secrets for Gracie?
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yeah, watch the Japanese version (Hana Yori Dango), it's better than the Korean one ;D 
watch sungkyunkwan scandal, it's really good (: 
& i thought you were supposed to be UPLOADING instead of watching ;)
Really good! I'm off to the next one! Can't believe I'm just the second person to vote!!
 I kept my word I read the first chapter and I think is very good and interesting so I'm off to next chapter...
this is really good but if you don't mind me askin
wheres chapter 1
i'm interested

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