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BloodRedSuccubus By BloodRedSuccubus Updated 2 years ago
This is full of poems that i wrote o the spot or not.
XXXBelievable XXXBelievable 4 years ago
I can related to you on this poem. Voted ;-D

I love this peom
XXXBelievable XXXBelievable 4 years ago
I love peoms, they explain emotion. Great poem ;-D, you seem to be explain your emotion about people, which I agreed with you about people
Emmiie Emmiie 5 years ago
I always love a good poem. xD
I'm checking out your work now. 
Voted! :3
Arkain Arkain 5 years ago
very nice. short, sweet, and right to the point. Your poetry reminds me a lot of my own work.