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lionking1234 By lionking1234 Updated 3 years ago
A normal day in the life of the 15 year old boy Jacob. He was in his yard shooting hoops and his parents came out, Not his loving parent but his dead cannibal parents. That was when it started, The zombie apocalypse. A science lab has spilled a vial that held toxins in it. It spilled on obe of the scientists and he bit the others. Jacob was alone scared. He geared up and on his way to survival. Will he end up like the others? Cannibals.  Follow Jacob on his adventure through death and tragedy.
awesome job dude! this book is really coming along! if you made the chapters a little longer and made them into separate chapters like on my books, i would be hooked! But I really like the book so far! it's really addicting!
I like your book. I really do :) Be a little more descriptive, make the chapters a little long and you could have a really high level book :D Keep writing! I love it so far.