Coming to Terms

This is my ten-form poetry submission to the first annual ATTYS competition. All ten poems are related to the process of coming to terms with different life situations: a miscarriage, the death of a loved one in the Vietnam war; a political abduction; the ex-pat life; a battered wife; betrayal; Alzheimer's Disease; drought; isolation; a mother/daughter relationship. Thank you for reading my submission. I hope these poems "speak" to you! I invite you to visit my poetry blog, The Wonderful Boat, at Cover photo, "Transitions", by Catherine Chandler Catherine Chandler
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I'm sorry every one I'm very immature but as soon as I heard " weeping breasts " I dropped to the ground laughing and I couldn't read any more
Crooked smiles, accompanied by the apparance of ordinary days is one of my specialities...this is gorgeous!
This was heartbreaking and deeply moving. You truly captured the essence of loss. Beautifully written piece.
I enjoyed this work of art, as it was real and unrelated to progression. You showed your pure passions and the same passions drove you to write. God bless you.
Congratulations on your second place finish in the Attys.  Love, peace and freedom, Olan
excellent poem--captures the heartbreak and loss, the "artful look"  of going on with life in spite of the grief and loss.  well done. K

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