Reckless and Relentless (Jalex)

*Sequel to Weightless (Jalex) * This is a Jalex fan fiction otay? Contains boyxboy content. May contain some drug use too! I DO NOT OWN ALL TIME LOW. I WISH I DID THOUGH. I don't know what happened, one minute we were all lovey and mushy then the next, my heart seem to get smashed into pieces, old habits and unexpected people return, getting back to my old ways, it's the same shit all over again, only ten times worse. Someone manage us, we're a mess.
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has anybody seen my knife collection around? i think i might have left them at zacky's house
*cries in corner and sings why by second-hand serenaded*
Why do you do this to meee This can't be happening Alex what are you doing I'm gonna slap you bitch
Someone needs to move all weapons out of my reach before I "accidentally" kill someone.
Even though I know it's a fanfic and it's not real i can't help but go "what the fuck Alex how could you?" And then laugh at myself
What in the world they were happy in the last one now there done I just stared reading this but I love it sorry for the late comments

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