Cowboys and Angels

Harley is not your normal Angel. She is the one who is sent down to Earth to rid of your everyday deamons, or to cast the odd miracle or two. Harley has been waiting forever to recieve the title of an Archangel. In order to recieve it, she must complete her final misson on Earth; to tame the type of human they call the.. cowboy. Unfortunately for her, this is no ordinary cowboy, but also a werewolf. He so happens to be Wyatt Tucker; one of the meanest cowboys and Alpha to ever walk the Earth. Going in undercover, Harley must make the roughed up cowboy see what it is like to live on the peaceful side of the tracks. If she fails, Harley will become a fallen angel, doomed to walk Earth alone, while Wyatt will meet severe conciquences, and possibly loose his wolf forever. What happens when Harley starts to feel things that she has never felt before? What will happen if Wyatt starts to have a change of heart?
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Cowboys can be anywhere I'm from New York and in the country part where I live there are cowboys
Ok why is there cowboys in Montana cowboy are in the west! (I'm also from Texas)
i think ik what the moon goddess she think she slick right along with Gabe
'sarah sighed, so your my cousin visiting for Texas.'  your=you're. ..for=from? ...enjoying so far. nice intro to ideas.
Hey, i really like this story so i hope you will write more stories like this   <3
Beau Duke? As in Beau and Luke Duke? As in the Dukes of Hazzerd? Lol I'm sorry I just had to say something.

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