Life. Death.

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Lisa By The_Blackout Updated 3 years ago
Katie McKee always lived a happy, fun-filled life in her hometown of Miami, Florida. She had two best friends. Laine and Sunny. She enjoyed surfing at the beach near her house. While she has the occasional fight with a friend or family member, she was hardly sad. Until one event changed everything. 
     The event wasn't a fight, but it didn't help those friendships. It was ten times as worse. It was one of Katie's biggest fears ever, something she only had nightmares of. Until now.
     The event was the burning down of her house.
LOVE THIS! You're really good at pulling the reader into your story :)
Aww! Poor, poor girl! Read the second chapter before the first...*Facepalms* You're a good writer.
Awesome story Lisa! Please please write more!! Can't wait!! Gosh! :D
Love the chapter, Lisa! 
                                    Don't know how I couldn't have read it earlier. O.O