The Grinning Man

--The grinning man He's a sadistic man He likes to hear us cry He likes when we thrash about And beg and beg to die The Grinning man likes his gun But has us kiss his knife We listen to his whispers Then wish he'd end our life That grinning man has no name No face. No love. No sympathy. Nothing but fame. Absent of dignity. That man has for us no empathy. Little one scream in fear Grinning man oh grinning man Don't come near!......-- [Read More ->]
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This seems like something i would write. This is pretty awesome. You should write more like this. I like it. ;) keep up the awesomeness
@ElizabethShadow I'll be sure to come back and reread it the day you tweak it around then! Until then keep up the awesome ideas.

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