Proving Webster Wrong

Chloe and Drew grew up together in the same small town as the two inseperable kids. As with all childhood friendships sometimes do they also grew apart, each taking their own seperate ways. It is the summer before their senior year of high school and Drew stops Chloe one Sunday after church with the news that he finally broke up with Crystal, the girlfriend that everyone always thought may have been a little to controling -- even abusive. After reconnecting both realize that they've each let their lives become defined by what they believed everyone saw them as: Chloe, the OCD drama geek; Drew, the pastor's son and Crystal's boyfriend. Then comes the plan, one they believed would be simple. They will challenge each other over the summer to shake off these definitions. What seems easy at first proves to one of the hardest things these two friends could ever take on. **This novel is complete but I have taken down the last half and will not be re-posting.**
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Its defiantly different from the things i read. Sounds good and great chapter they keep you thinking... Well on to the next one!!!:D
The only thing I can think of to make the story better is just show what the characters look like. That's the only thing that pretty much stands out for me.
Wow. I really love this! Chole seems like such an amazing character, and I could picture what you were describing in my head.
Just... Wow!
So brilliant! Watch out for random words or missing words though. The idea of proving Webster wrong is so clever! How did you ever come up with it?
Gah, love these charries. Just something I noticed: you switch between present and past tense a lot in all chapters, so just be careful with that.

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