Imaginary (boyxboy) -Complete-

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Mason Garner By Mason Garner Completed
Tyler Greer is terrified of people; in fact, he is so terrified that he only has one friend in the entire world: Jerry. Jerry is his everything, his soul mate. There is just one problem. Tyler is the only person in the world who can even see him; Tyler is in love with his imaginary friend. Despite this, the two have managed to stay relatively happy in their twisted romance, but what happens when Tyler's safe world begins to corrupt from the inside out? How will he survive his own mind shattering around him?
Mine was that I was stuck in a box dying and i couldn't get out and no one could hear me
Oh my god. This is so original. It's like me wanting to make a sim date where one of the dateable characters is your split personality
this  book is really exiting for me because I can relate to the main character. I'm the loner at my school and I have an imaginary friend named Spencer that helps me through all my problems. I'm not in love with him but I like the idea of there being other people out their who can relate to me
for some reason im incredibly scared of how this'll continue...heelp o.o
... 0.0 wut??  That was a shocker! I'm so excited to read this book! 
IT's so good...I've fallen in love with i just hope it doesn't have a sad or tragedy ending...
i'll read more... :)