Break My Heart, I Dare You. (One Direction Fan Fiction)

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cuddleswithliam By cuddleswithliam Updated 2 years ago
I suppose it all started when that curly haired boy asked those three words. Truth or dare. Who knew that just three simply words could change your life forever?
Jess_BiebHoran Jess_BiebHoran 2 years ago
Did you know that if you have a dream about someone that means they miss you... or is it the other way around where you miss them, idk.
xTetyx xTetyx 2 years ago
@LULU197 LOL i am dead serious haha i HAVE kissed Liam in one of my dreams because i fall asleep listening to music and that time i was listening to one of Liams covers so i dreamed about him haha
LULU197 LULU197 2 years ago
@Tetyluvs1D  haha the end of yur comment makes u ound dead serious but who hasnt =P
xTetyx xTetyx 2 years ago
hehehe i kissed Liam my not kidding....
nasher nasher 3 years ago
@taylac I have always meant to read your stories and as many people have told me how amazing they are but the Hazza one sounded so sad and I can't imagine a world without Hazza but now I have read a bit of your writing I MUST read it!! xx
nasher nasher 3 years ago
I really like it! Great start! Keep writing and update soon!! Deffo continue it! You'd be crazy not too!! xx