Justin Beiber is a Werewolf

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NickTravers By NickTravers Completed
It’s a Mexican standoff between the famous four – only one can leave alive; who is the strongest? Who has the instinct to survive.
SnarkyGamerPie SnarkyGamerPie 6 months ago
XD What a silly, stupid and absolutely hilariously fun crack fic. Kudos.
RosyWaters RosyWaters 6 months ago
WTF is going on?!?!?!?!?!? IM SO CONFUSED!! ok ok Im done carry on with your life...
RosyWaters RosyWaters 6 months ago
ok last comment this story is copyrighting a lot I don't see any credit to the original owners either. The white stag and the spells are from Harry Potter. If you don't want to get sued i would edit them and/or give them credit... quick
RosyWaters RosyWaters 6 months ago
Wait so now there is the vampire slayer?? Stick to one person... it gets confusing... #sorrynotsorry
RosyWaters RosyWaters 6 months ago
Ummm who is this about? Harry potter? Damon? or Justin? Also I like how you say beiberwolf.
Woowoowriting Woowoowriting a year ago
This is great. I love how, even though it's a spoof, it's still very well-written and easy to read. The humor in it is fantastic, and the way it plays out is hilarious.