Justin Beiber is a Werewolf

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Nick Travers By NickTravers Completed
It’s a Mexican standoff between the famous four – only one can leave alive; who is the strongest? Who has the instinct to survive.
XD What a silly, stupid and absolutely hilariously fun crack fic. Kudos.
WTF is going on?!?!?!?!?!? IM SO CONFUSED!! ok ok Im done carry on with your life...
ok last comment this story is copyrighting a lot I don't see any credit to the original owners either. The white stag and the spells are from Harry Potter. If you don't want to get sued i would edit them and/or give them credit... quick
Wait so now there is the vampire slayer?? Stick to one person... it gets confusing... #sorrynotsorry
Ummm who is this about? Harry potter? Damon? or Justin? Also I like how you say beiberwolf.
This is great. I love how, even though it's a spoof, it's still very well-written and easy to read. The humor in it is fantastic, and the way it plays out is hilarious.