ForBitten is a story about Jackson Young whose parents are mysteriously found dead in their car at a stoplight. The doctor says they overdosed on sleeping pills. Jackson has a feeling in his gut that it is not the truth. Jackson will go to extreme measures to uncover the truth of how his parents died. Ever since their passing, peculiar things have been happening to Jackson and his family. However, Jackson might uncover more than he can handle...
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ok just saying but isnt this... EXACTLY like the vampire diaries. correct me if im wrong but it is like down to the same characters and everything...
A few grammar mistakes, but I really like it! Please keep writing! I'm interested! :D
In love with this story!!!! Please upload more!!!! 
I promised I'd read it and I have xD
it's really good, nice flow, great insight to he character, all in all a good story so far :)
please read my books, STOLEM!!!, an scars are forever, pretty pwease i love yours so far!!! :D

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