Obsessed (A Mindless Behavior Story)

You, the reader, and everybody else are apart of my little game. See, I'm not normal. I'm crazy. Delusional. Psycho. Those words taunt me every time, day and night. It drives me insane. Crazy enough to kill a person. Don't worry. I'm not out to kill you. I'm searching for my prey. My number one target. Siobhan Lewis.
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Pleasee , Someone. Pronounce Her Name For Me. I'm Bad At Pronouncing Stuff. I'm Surprised They Didnt Send Me To Speech Class...
it would be a blower if Mindless University didn't have the actual Mindless Behavior
about the part where Jacobsays "the way she smells" and "figure moves"
Totally creepy :o
OMG I forgot all about this story I remember when I read this whole book in one day. I was crying at the end...
I actually like this so far it's sounds like it's going to be like the obsessed movie beyoncé was in
Hey you wouldn't mind to read my story "behind closed doors" it a mindless behavior love story thanks and great story by the way

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