Chasing Promises

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HannahCrompton By HannahCrompton Updated 2 years ago
Three pledges made on the same day in different years prove too be the downfall of those persons.
Baranbus Carlyle, the new earl of Rochester pledges to kill every dragon in England and refuses to serve under Henry VIII.
Francis Howard, the bastard of the Earl of -shire pledges to marry the love of his life, the niece of the Kings sickly brother Edward Tudor with whatever means necessary.
Georgina Pierce, daughter of the wealthy knight sir Robert, made a pledge by Anne Boleyn shortly after her turning, that Anne will be loyal to her just as Georgina had once done for her.
paulhock paulhock 18 days ago
Interesting to me as I just completed a Novel set in the time of Henry VIII's daughter Elizabeth.  Dragons are a bit of a stretch for me but I find your description of the plot intriguing.
DomineVitae DomineVitae 2 years ago
Aside from the typos, this first page looks very promising. Good work
louloufritz louloufritz 2 years ago
I'm a fan of Henry VIII... i know that is irrelevant.. but he was an interesting fellow..
angela98 angela98 2 years ago
You've got a whole lot of talent, I can see it! Lovely chapter :D
ChristinaChannelle ChristinaChannelle 2 years ago
Your description is awesome and I can picture clearly what's going on in the story :)
WildRose393 WildRose393 2 years ago
I love how you perfected the era of the plot you are working on.
It made me feel as a reader that I was actually in that era.
I don't know but I think your character is a bit mature for his age? but maybe in that era they were raised that way.