Close to the Crown (The Crown Trilogy- Book One) {On hold until June}

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Sophie-Lou By Sophie_Bryan Updated 2 years ago
Lilliana Thorn is the daughter of a Duke, a Lord and a very close friend to the King, The Duke of Windsor, Sir Albert Thorn. Lilliana and the King's daughter, Adelaide are very close friends and attend the same private school, just on the edge of Windsor. For years, the two men, both the King and the Duke have been trying to Pair Lilliana, with the King's oldest son and the next King, William, but things aren't as easy as they seem. Lily, as she also goes by, enjoys her life and the privileges she has, but she knows it's only so long, before she no longer has those freedoms, and she will do everything in her power to stop it!
I really like the first chapter, spelling is pretty good, only a few mistakes here and there. I like the plot, and I have to agree, I really like that there is a lot going on. It keeps the interest!
                                    Good Start!
=) That was really good =D I enjoyed reading it, It was so posh! hahah, if fit perfectly with your book! =D Awesome! =D
                                    I liked your idea =) it's really good =)
So far this is great! I really like your writing style and the idea is interesting :D I like it when there's lots of things going on - otherwise it gets a bit boring lol! 
                                    *voted* x
Ohhh. Sounds like a good story so far. Lots of things going on which I love! Keep up the great work :D
Interesting start... um, maybe you should add more descriptions about their emotions or something.. Anyway, keep up! :D
So far so great, I did notice some errors, nothing really major. Great chapter all in all