ELDORADO- *On hold*

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aarya_lovesDragons By aarya_lovesDragons Updated 3 years ago
WHEN HISTORY,MYSTERY,LOVE STORY COMBINE WITH A TINGE OF MAGIC it brews up a deadly cocktail like this one...
DrSocks DrSocks a year ago
very cool idea :) just some cleaning up, grammar and stuff and it should be great! i really like the idea.

keep writing!
XxfearlessgirlxX XxfearlessgirlxX 2 years ago
its a good start. love the Inheritence cycle and i'm sure i'm going to love this too. voted!
NightmareDLuffy NightmareDLuffy 3 years ago
Hmm it needs some editing done to it, and maybe some detailed description of whats happening, especially in your dialogue :) cool xx
NightmareDLuffy NightmareDLuffy 3 years ago
Good beginning, just need to straighten out the creases and it should be perfect :D love the idea and it's very original xx
Karsar Karsar 3 years ago
If its anything to do with the inheritence cycle then its something to do with me     ............................   awesome writting.
TigerBee TigerBee 3 years ago
Okay, this was pretty short a chapter. You might want to slow down a bit - you're rushing a lot.

Plan a blueprint as to how to progress and stick to it! Don't use ?? or !!! %@*  and stuff like that, it looks really bad! Try and read some books online and grasp their writing styles.

Good luck!