The Unknown Guardian

Second in the Unknown Series: When Luther returned home, he never expected his people to mark him as a traitor, but with a new arrival in their clan, he knew he was the one who was being betrayed. When a mysterious woman rescues him, he has no choice. He must repay his debt to her, no matter how hard she tries pushing him away. But, with danger swirling around them, secrets from her past, and the men after him, will he ever be able to protect her? (Book cover by Platypus1987)
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awww that was a sweet chapter. Aubrey is back! ^_^ ahahaha Luther is afraid of spiders. Well >.>  so am I, but i'm not a warrior :P
Yay, Aubrey is preggers :) I was glad to see Nate and Daisy too!!! I love that Luther is afraid of spiders...I am too!!!
That was great! I love how they interact with each other :) Gwendolyn is awesome...I had to laugh when she turned into a mouse of all things lol!
this is but in the previous chapter she called him Luther...check that out..
I have a feeling this could be the beginning of one of those intense "I hate you but I love you" kind of romances lol :)
I'm thinking best decision EVER!!!! Lol, this is sooo good :) Thanks for the dedication too!!!

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