Twisted Fate (Under Construction: Read at your own risk)

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iluvme99 By iluvme99 Updated 7 months ago
Princess Aurora Knight lost everything her wolf, mate, family, and her kingdom. Kept in the vampire realms she was able to escape and left to the humans world. Living and passing for a normal human girl, Aurora lives for the next century's alone. Cursed with the stupid diamond necklace she was forced to wear by the orders of the vampire King she lives more than expected. The necklace prevents Aurora to change into her wolf and live eternally till the unborn vampire Prince claims her and turns her to a vampire. Aurora moved from place to place, till she moved in Spring Rocks. Big mistake, Aurora didn't know the land was territory of the Black Midnight Kingdom. Another surprise does she take when she finds out she has a second mate. And not just some guy, he's Prince Alexander. And a few light years away in the Vampire Realm is Prince Daniel, he is now eighteen and on Aurora's trail. He's angry she ran from him, but that won't stop him to retrieve his bride and turn her into a vampire. This is her fate, a very twisted fate.
I burst out laughing reading this. Please tell me this is a troll! XDD
I'm sad that Jonathan Christopher died, but not when he was Sebastian
fairies/faeries idk whether cassandra clare's spelling is truly correct
the capital is irrelevant and when it's plural you never use '
It it just Me or does prince Edmund remind you of the narnia series?
Don't worry about small errors. I've seen enough to understand what they really say.