How I Didn't Get The Romantic Movie Ending

This is your classic boy meets girl story. Vincent is sitting at a coffee shop, reading a book. All of a sudden, Harper walks in, dripping wet from the pouring rain. He offers his handkerchief to her, not knowing that it will be the start of their love story. Vince does all the romantic things, like in the movies. But, as said in the title, he doesn't get the ending he expects.
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Hahahaha this is so adorably cute :D
But the stars aren't really necessary unless there is huge gap between the scenes
Very cute! Vince was so adorable when he started stuttering :P Anyway, great start! Can't wait to see what else is in store. Keep up the amazing work! :)
Hey I think this is super cute! I like Vince already, he sounds like a guy I would like to get to know. And I like the title, it caught my attention.
This is a really good story !! i love it so far !! your descriptions are really good !!! keep writing!!!!
Wow! This is an interesting story. And you cut to the chase and made them friends already!  It was great reading this and made me want to read some more!
Interesting indeed. I like the way your write, and how you easily makes the readers hooked from the very beginning.

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