My 100 confessions

These are my confessions. I don't care if you read it or not.
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@PleaseDontHurtMe So when you're not playing with Tito, having sex, and ranting, what do you do for fun?
@PleaseDontHurtMe I got a red slap on the wrist msg so I deleted the first one and posted a G-rated one. LOL
@PleaseDontHurtMe I'll grow on you. :)

One question though. The watching part. Why only gg.
@PleaseDontHurtMe Damn straight? But I thought... LMFAO

But yeah, sex is fun. :P
@PleaseDontHurtMe No, he died. That was a while ago.

I just read your latest rant.
@PleaseDontHurtMe My dog only barked when he saw his reflection, like in a glass door. That was so funny. :)

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