The Freestyle of Pollard Wharly

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PollardWharly By PollardWharly Updated 2 years ago


hgames113 hgames113 2 years ago
t-rex is such a cool name haha. nick name, wutevs

the skin thing at the end thou... o_O
SabrinaBrandon SabrinaBrandon 2 years ago
Very interesting writing style.  You do "crazy" extremely well. Still not quite sure where this story is headed, but I'm interested enough to keep reading.
slantingwillow slantingwillow 2 years ago
WOAH! That ending certainly gathers the attention. His skin fell off? Do what now? How interesting! I like how you've written it. Your character intrigue me. He seems to be mostly sane, but not quite. I like it! Keep it up! :)
deleted25091996 deleted25091996 3 years ago
@Goldbear102 It's SUPPOSED to have little detail, egg. That's just how it rolls; it's a unique style of writing, kind of like how a crazy person would sound.
deleted25091996 deleted25091996 3 years ago
Wooooooooooooooah this is amazing!

I have no words.

No words!
CLSCrow CLSCrow 3 years ago
HAHAAHAHHAHHHHAHA!!!!!!!! THIS WAS HILARIOUS!!!!!! I'm not sure if it was supposed to be but it made me laug.....a lot. I like it a lot!! VOTED DEFINITELY!! XDDD