The Freestyle of Pollard Wharly

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t-rex is such a cool name haha. nick name, wutevs

the skin thing at the end thou... o_O
Very interesting writing style.  You do "crazy" extremely well. Still not quite sure where this story is headed, but I'm interested enough to keep reading.
This was really interesting.  It evokes a lot of emotions out me.  
Reading it I felt like I was there,I was this man.  
I really enjoyed it.
Woah. I love... that. Whatever it was. Insanely cool and immersive enough to make you feel locked up in a sanatorium just reading it. Way trippy.
Even stream of consciousness fantasy has a kind of logic. A litlle editing, a little self-discipline, and this would be really excellent.
@Goldbear102 It's SUPPOSED to have little detail, egg. That's just how it rolls; it's a unique style of writing, kind of like how a crazy person would sound.

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