Finally Saved

Libby Ashford is finally free of her living nightmare. On the run from her father, she and her mother move to a new town to start fresh and forget their past. Easier said than done. Starting at her new school, Libby already runs into trouble when she feels an intense connection to the school’s resident bad boy. Nicholas St.Claire runs not only the school, but the largest pack in North America. Thrown together by the plans of fate, it isn’t long before they’re both wrapped up in lies as Libby’s past comes back to haunt her. This time though, she has something she didn’t have before. Nick.
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so very very true..i have seen this so many times.. true beauty is within the heart, mind, and soul of a person
Wow. I've read a lot of books broaching the subject of abuse, but none of them have ever been as well written as this. Amazing, just amazing.
This is starting to be an amazing story! Love how the author made things that are said in the book very true to real life!
kind of hard for me to follow, but I'm a blond so...:) still I love the detail awesome so far! :)
I read this story and its so amazing... Ur sooo talented....nice story i was so obssesed with this 
you are  talented when I read the first few words I was already in love with it .......UM you're should keep writing ..... talented writer :)(:

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