The War of Transition

In a world on the verge of scientific discovery, the old ways of mysticism are no longer upheld in society. Sorcerers and magicians are persecuted in the greatest purge in history; a bloody civil war where the side with the greater numbers will emerge victorious. This is a time for alchemists and scientists, explorers and scholars. A time for rogues and assassins, political strife and corruption among kings and noblemen. A new age is over the horizon, but just who will survive this grand transition, this bloody divide, is uncertain. For when science and magic collide, no one is safe.
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Nice how you're starting to bring different elements and characters to this story. I can already see things coming together in the future :) Love it~
This is a very different idea that ive never seen on wattpad. The story gave me goosebumps and im going to be reading this all night.
"(H)e may have found one there

Hmmm - interesting speculation of necromancer involvement
i wish i had your descriptive skills if i did i could write a story almost as gud as this
This was extremely well written. It had me intrigued from the first line to the last. I added to my library and voted. Amazing job!

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