A Gothic Love Story - Not Mine Anymore

When Lilith was 4 her father started beating her up. She grew up shy and fearfull, a loner at school, and constantly bullied by her perceived weakness. But now everything is different. She's 19, and her father just died. Her newfound freedom is better than she could ever have expected and she changes her image, her mindset, her style, as she always wanted to and could not before. She moves out, transfers school, and when the new school year comes, people don't see the abused Lilith anymore. They see a strong confidant woman, who hides in the closet when night falls, still not completely over the abuse of her father, and cuts herself to relieve the pain she feels everyday. In the new school, She'll meet Daemon, a goth boy that'll show her, that although life isn't always good, it isn't always bad either, and what seems hopeless can happen. Lilith, who started as the abused kid even the teachers disliked, will end up... Oh no, I'm not gonna tell. Read, and Find Out.
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Yaaaay! The evil man is dead >:D haha now hurry and upload soon! I want to read more! :)

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