Awake - Book One of the Spinner's Curse

Everyone is hiding from something; a secret, a lie. Mine just happens to be a curse, one bestowed upon me before my first birthday; a curse that says I'm supposed to die before I turn sixteen. But that isn't going to happen, because I have a plan. You see, it's impossible to prick your finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel if you're locked in a cell.
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What a terrible father! He didnt tell her anything, then changed her entire life in two seconds!! Wth
Hey Can Yhu Guys Check Out My Story Am I Even Worth Living For?!? I would Gladly Appreciate It Thnx! Aaliyah.
*tells his daughter on her birthday that she is supposed to be named heir but she is going to die so her sister will take her place* that a-hole 

I love this story so far! it's so well written and that's what makes me love a book.
This is really good! I never thought I'd be interested in this but it's so well written. :)
thats fine it was a comment you read it you cant really tell if I was being satcastic or not @cottoncandy1431

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