Awake - Book One of the Spinner's Curse

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Natasha S. Bruner By Natasha S. Bruner Completed
Everyone is hiding from something; a secret, a lie. Mine just happens to be a curse, one bestowed upon me before my first birthday; a curse that says I'm supposed to die before I turn sixteen. But that isn't going to happen, because I have a plan.

 You see, it's impossible to prick your finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel if you're locked in a cell.
Rory.....Aurora....Philip......Spinning Wheel.....Sleeping Beauty?
No just on her 16 birthday she falls asleep for 100 years. She doesn't die
I read this on my other account 2 years ago and I've been trying to find it FOREVER.  Great work!  I'll definitely read it again <3
He's so sweet! | So her curse is she will A. die OR B. fall asleep for 100 years—when she gets her finger pricked on a spinning wheel.
I'm confused. Her curse is she falls asleep before she's 16 for 100 years? Or she dies?
Just started it and from the first paragraph it's looking good