Child of thorns

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Paul By Lessthantruthful Updated 3 years ago
Aegon is an ageing assassin who lives with his son Fin in a mysterious land where kings and queens rule. He is about to undertake a very dangerous assassination against the king of the rebels,. This entire empire is at stake and this is only the beginning...
Very interesting beginning and your descriptions are quite well written :) Lucky you, you'll find this book in my library ;)
Description was limited, but still good. I thought you could add a hint more, but this hooked me. I thought it flowed quite nicely, but in some areas it was awkward.
A very nice start, and interesting nonetheless
                                    His short hair short hair had become unkempt and his linens torn during training.
                                    I'm assuming the fact that his hair was short was an important fact to remember?  (。-_-。)
                                    Other than that, very interesting beginning. A good start.
This stuff is not usually what I go for but I really enjoyed it and this is going to get a vote and in my library :D
This is definitely a great start to a story, it's very well written and you obviously have a talent for this kind of thing! Its really pulled me in and i cant wait to read more of it!!:-D
I'm not sure how my read for read attracted so many stories of high quality, but sure enough it did! 
                                    A few grammatical errors that I would have taken the time to point out if my phone wasn't absolutely dumb, but those can be caught and fixed via editing. 
                                    I plan to continue reading later (: