Love, Life, and Living

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Benjamin Blumenstein By BenjaminBlumenstein Updated 2 years ago
A composition of poems including everything from love, life, and living (or everything in between)
Just something for all of you who want some light poetry and have a sense for romanticism
WOW. this is amazing!! is it beautiful,the whole not a sucker for romance but this is perfection from the french to the cute little heart shape its typed in.

As I read this again, I spotted a spelling error. In the second para, second line, it should be LOSE not LOOSE. Minor error, but the meaning can change with a simple O.
My GoD! This is so amazingly creative! If you can understand french, "J'adore ton poème! C'est absolument fantastique!" <3
This is a really good piece of poetry. Encaptures the essence of the phoenix. 

Great start. :D