Alex Hawk: A Rose Dipped in Blood

NYPD Detective Alex Hawk is one of the best. He solves murders, kidnapping just simple mysteries that no one else can. His skills are challenged and put to the test against a cunning and slippery serial killer when a series of dead bodies are found with all the same kill sign. A rose left on the corpse, drenched in the victims blood. At the same time, Hawk must balance his work life and his personal life. His daughter, Kayla is in her midteens- a very trying time for parents. And when his ex-wife enters the picture along with a new female partner, Alex must work double as hard to keep his lives separated. But what happens when they are combined by force? Will Hawk find it in himself the strength to defeat this uncatchable rose killer? Or will they escape and the case remain unsolved?
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Really good start. it captures ones attention almost immediately and it is so well written!
This is enjoyable to read, good suspense . Keep up the good writing and congrat. Best of luck
The smell of day old milk is so bad, someone left milk in one of my classrooms and the whole class smelled! I liked that she wasn't afraid to shoot. :)
This gave me chills. I really like it so far and i cant wait to read the next chapter! This she (I wish I had a name to call her) is pretty intense!
I like the prologue.  Captured my attention right away and kept me entertained. 
This is a book I would read.
:O why did she kill him? I'm really very intrigued. I wonder what the red rose meant. ohhh so many questions! I'm reading on!

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