Forever and Always (A Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

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musicrazi By musicrazi Updated a year ago
"To tell the truth, just talking aloud soothes me. Maybe it's because telling these stories is like reliving those breathtaking moments. Or maybe because it reassures me that I won't ever forget them. To me, making sure these memories stay alive means Harry will, too."
radharry radharry 6 months ago
the reason I made a Wattpad account about 2 years ago was to read this story cause I heard that it was a great book. it's amazing and I'm really happy you still have this up ❤️
namelessemmie namelessemmie 7 months ago
@nameless_Light Same with me. I got Wattpad and this was the first story that I saw, so I read it. And now I'm re-reading it. I cried myself to sleep.
nameless_Light nameless_Light 7 months ago
This was one of the first stories I read on wattpad and I remember how much I balled my eyes out. Will definitely be re-reading this
NarryLoveer NarryLoveer 8 months ago
Im pretty sure im gonna cry through this story. He looks like he's dying ;(
1D0BSESSED 1D0BSESSED 10 months ago
Is he dying... Is this like a look into the past then you rewind the story by telling us about their story? I get it, its sooo CUTE!
k_evi19 k_evi19 a year ago
It has to be the best story I've ever read.. You are an amazing writer.. I thought that he wouldn't make it in the end, but he did.. It's such an amazing, heartbreaking, love story.. Keep writhing;) xxx