The Mer Prince

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LindseyOwens By LindseyOwens Updated 10 months ago
Zachariah is handsome and different. He pays attention to Gabriella when no other guys do. He stands up for her when her 'friends' decide to leave her. But he has a secret. He also has a guard, Preston. Preston is just as strong and handsome as Zach but he's not the friendliest. It takes him time to warm up to people. What is the two guys hiding and why does he have such a fascination with the shy and quiet Gabriella.
nerdygirl nerdygirl 2 years ago
What's happening with this story? The chapters keep appearing, dissapearing, changing... Can you tell us what's going on?
gossip gossip 2 years ago
Totally confused right now. What happened to the rest of the chapters?
XxKelsXKaosxX XxKelsXKaosxX 3 years ago
I agree that this chapter should've been a prologue. It's good but I really liked the original and the way the old story was already going.
I just finished reading this 
Just wondering is there another part of this
Coz looks like its unfinished 
Hopefully there is another 
Coz i love reading it got addicted to it
mrrp01 mrrp01 3 years ago
couldnt you have put this as a prolouge instead of a new first chapter? its good but i like the old story too
mrrp01 mrrp01 3 years ago
whyd you change it it was so awesome but the new chapters good too