In My Eyes (Watty Awards 2012)

14 Part Story 288K Reads 5.5K Votes
Anthie By Anthie Completed
This is a spin-off of the story 'He Was Looking For A Princess, Instead He Found Me', Book One of 'The Tales of a Royal Lunatic'

Crown Prince Christopher of the vampire race has had his fair share of bad luck. His first love was murdered, he is next in line for a kingdom that he doesn't want and a rebel organization is out to kill the one thing in the world that could make him happy. But now you can add a mate that has mysteriously been blocked from him and a werewolf prince that holds a large grudge. 

Will Christopher ever find out who his true mate is? Will he be able to protect her? Will he be able to HANDLE her?

I guess time will tell :)
Going off topic here: I love your profile picture and the name of this series.
So that's how the Fates steered Chris to the high school. Good to know. Waiting for hyper Emilee to make her appearance
Read both books so this is an extra bonus for my interest in the first story
hehe i luv ur he was looking for a princesses instead he found me series!!!!!
So this is like the same 'he eas looking for a princess...' But just how it happened to Chrisopher?
Update soon. This book is awesome, I love that he was saying that if he didnt meet Dana he would think Emiliee was his osul mate.