The Prince Of Death (Naruto/Orochimaru Fan Fiction)

Shinimi Ouji has always been expected great thing and has never had so normal life ,being the son of One of the 3 legendary sannin.Then Shinimi gets a mission,a very important on. To go to the Village hidden in the leaves and began a ninja tell further notice Which will be hard since he's Kekai Genkai And His parents have earned him the title of the Prince of Death.Luckily there are not many ninja who know this.Only a select few.But will this ruin his mission from his father? To try and live a normal life and improve even more so for the next 2 months.Till the chunin exams to be exact T(A/N there will be a better description after chapter 1.i don't want to give out the whole story plot before you've read it)
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I agree with _Cheese_Cake, plus if you want to, we can help you out with any wrongs in the grammar^.^

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