Rem and the Big Case

Rem Reeves is addicted to lucid dreaming, caught up in the ability to create entire universes in his dreams wherein he is the hero. But as he begins to rely on sleeping pills to sleep for longer and longer periods of time, his body breaks down. Will his subconscious fight through his dreams confront him and wake him up? REM AND THE BIG CASE features giant talking dogs, interstellar travel, noir P.I.s, in a story delving deep into dreams and memories. the depths of is a novella written for the 3-Day Novel Contest and is presented here in its raw form.
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SC, you have awesome sense of cultural space & time. Your characters, whether in Rem or D.A. Read as if they are really from that time, that place.
This is great stuff, just finished Lucidity. It runs close to Flight Club but there is so much more. Great amount if detail ( the hunger pains)- off to 2!



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