Short Stories

Short stories are works of brief narrative prose, which usually focus on a limited number of characters and a single, decisive plot incident. Significantly shorter and more compact than novels, short stories leave the reader with a snapshot or slice of life.

That Gorgeous Smile Of Yours

That Gorgeous Smile Of Yours

10 parts / 3 pages, updated Mar 31, 2015
It started with a smile - Your smile :)
628 reads votes 84 comments 32
His True Feelings (Be my princess one-shot)

His True Feelings (Be my princess one-shot)

2 pages, updated Mar 22, 2015
Prince Keith and Emma are fighting again, but behind that, he hides his true feelings... ** ALL RIGHTS TO VOLTAGE INC**
199 reads votes 11 comments 2
all the bright places

all the bright places

20 parts / 11 pages, updated May 02, 2015
I don't even know it's a mess a complete utter mess it really sucks but I guess not that much since I got a lot of reads and votes lmao I suck at descriptions. Read to find out. ©copyrighted 2015 by britishboss
2,985 reads votes 216 comments 74
Through Thin Walls

Through Thin Walls

23 parts / 11 pages, updated May 21, 2015
A story of a boy that loves a girl one thin wall away. This story isn't going to be about how a boy fixed a girl, but rather the realization that she could pick herself up without anyone else's hand to help.
2,534 reads votes 282 comments 81
The Last Question

The Last Question

11 parts / 12 pages, updated May 15, 2015
Ysabelle's life has been a mess. And even if it's already six years ago, she can't fully declare that she's finally okay and happy with her life. No matter how she hide... read more
833 reads votes 87 comments 7


64 parts / 19 pages, updated May 20, 2015
"Why do you watch the planes?" "To feel alive." ✈️ A dialogue book. ✈️ Sitting on (near) the airplane runway, a guy and a girl learn to understand eac... read more
10,662 reads votes 1,240 comments 994
...With Love

...With Love

3 parts / 5 pages, updated May 03, 2015Pictures
We don't realise how damp a room was till a gust of fresh wind comes in.  For me,  that gust of wind was Reece.  Reece Starc. Once the breeze exits, the dullness returns. Bu... read more
140 reads votes 24 comments 10
Little Things {three} (Vikklan)

Little Things {three} (Vikklan)

17 parts / 3 pages, updated Apr 15, 2015VideoCompleted
{three} -complete- i know you've never loved the crinkles by your eyes when you smile. i know you've never loved your stomach or your thighs. but I'm in lo... read more
2,766 reads votes 119 comments 12
Kissed By The Baddest Bidder

Kissed By The Baddest Bidder

5 parts / 3 pages, updated Mar 24, 2015Completed
Headcannon: Walking their daughter to preschool.
1,838 reads votes 62 comments 31


7 parts / 8 pages, updated May 03, 2015
In which a cheerful, full of life Noah secretly takes pictures of a very serious Kia.
1,033 reads votes 67 comments 47
Un-break Me

Un-break Me

15 parts / 19 pages, updated May 20, 2015
Haley already has enough on her plate to deal with and she doesn't need anymore trouble in her life.Between getting bullied everyday at school and dealing with things at home... read more
1,970 reads votes 283 comments 245
OMG Short Stories

OMG Short Stories

4 pages, updated May 08, 2015
This is a book of nothing but short stories. Requests are taken if you private message me. Mostly OMG but also other people but only if requested.
171 reads votes 9 comments 2
Over The Edge (An Anti-Bullying Tale)

Over The Edge (An Anti-Bullying Tale)

3 parts / 4 pages, updated May 05, 2015Video
One kiss, one photo, five lives destroyed in the blink of an eye.... Take a glimpse how one wrong choice impacts Chloe, Hillary, Ann, Caroline and K... read more
121 reads votes 26 comments 25
See You Again

See You Again

3 parts / 2 pages, updated May 10, 2015Video
All I want is to see you again just once more... before I let you go... ~~~~~ #77 in short story on 04/05/15
194 reads votes 18 comments 26
Survivors of the          sea - Yuktha M S

Survivors of the sea - Yuktha M S

8 parts / 6 pages, updated May 21, 2015Pictures
When I open my eyes I am on the wet sand. I barely remember what had happened just hours before. All I know is my friends are no more. I am all alone. Sar... read more
367 reads votes 50 comments 36
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