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With love as a driving force, a romance is a form of fiction that traces the growing relationship between two individuals, and oftentimes, the struggle to reconcile their differences or their pasts. The protagonists typically undergo personal development, equally challenged and changed by their beloved.

"Just Friends?"  (BWWM)

"Just Friends?" (BWWM)

11 parts / 42 pages, updated Aug 25, 2014PG-13
Dominic Gaspari is a 28 year old Italian business man who is too busy with his restaurant to settle down. Both of his cousins are married and want the same for him. Yet... read more
4,074 reads votes 284 comments 59
Hell's Angel [MPreg]

Hell's Angel [MPreg]

10 parts / 9 pages, updated Jul 22, 2014PG-13VideoPictures
Angel is the sweet little boy who spends his times in book shops, helping old ladies cross the street and assisting strangers in their time of need. And yet not once... read more
9,007 reads votes 608 comments 59
Losing Nemo

Losing Nemo

2 parts / 3 pages, updated Aug 31, 2014PG-13
"Your name's Nemo?" She asks, staring at my name tag. "Uh huh." "Cruel joke by your parents, huh?" She glances over at my incomplete left arm. ... read more
191 reads votes 21 comments 13
Romancing The Fool

Romancing The Fool

14 parts / 72 pages, updated Aug 19, 2014PG-13Pictures
Pedigree good girl, Alexis Thornton, married a boy she'd only just met one summer in order to get back at her mother. The next morning she leaves him, afraid of what sh... read more
74,308 reads votes 1,864 comments 426
Child with child

Child with child

25 parts / 9 pages, updated Sep 01, 2014PG-13
Zonnique pullins is a 17 year old girl she suddenly finds herself falling for Chresanto August she has sex with him giving him her virginity thinking that he loves her b... read more
1,519 reads votes 76 comments 22
West & North

West & North

2 parts / 2 pages, updated May 23, 2014PG-13
He smokes to extinguish all the despair and melancholy enveloping him; to let the smoke drift all his worries off his shoulders and disappear along with the air around him... read more
1,927 reads votes 108 comments 97
He Stole My First Kiss

He Stole My First Kiss

8 parts / 7 pages, updated Aug 31, 2014PG-13
I was 15 when the new boy appeared at our middle school. One fatefully night at my sisters wedding changed my life. Read more to find out what happens!
615 reads votes 54 comments 28
Witch way to go?

Witch way to go?

11 parts / 4 pages, updated Aug 30, 2014
Emma does not know who to pick. Jax or Daniel? See how Jax and Daniel fight over emma and other characters join the story.
2,903 reads votes 102 comments 22
My Leo

My Leo

4 parts / 4 pages, updated Aug 27, 2014PG-13
it all stated with a look.She was entranced by the sweet innocence of him. the way he smiled at her, the way he made her smile... how could she say no to that!!??
115 reads votes 18 comments 4
My Possessive Alpha Mate

My Possessive Alpha Mate

14 parts / 27 pages, updated Sep 01, 2014
Warning Sexual/Explicit Content This is a sequel. The first book is called My Obsessive Alpha Mate *Read that one first please* Chase is now the Alpha of t... read more
7,003 reads votes 262 comments 59
Fifty Shades of Pleasure

Fifty Shades of Pleasure

4 parts / 5 pages, updated Aug 29, 2014PG-13
Lorena only went in to Dr. Neverson for massage therapy for her stress. But, she discovers a world of different wonders...
183 reads votes 17 comments 3
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