Romance Stories

With love as a driving force, a romance is a form of fiction that traces the growing relationship between two individuals, and oftentimes, the struggle to reconcile their differences or their pasts. The protagonists typically undergo personal development, equally challenged and changed by their beloved.

Desire   [18+]

Desire [18+]

34 parts / 59 pages, updated May 21, 2015
“You've never been kissed by a man before have you?” his husky voice sends waves of pleasure down Rosalie’s spine. She shakes her head, some strands of hair fall down onto her... read more
1,413,445 reads votes 29,815 comments 3,894
The One Night Stand

The One Night Stand

28 parts / 119 pages, updated May 04, 2015
After a night of drinking a little too much, Alex finds herself completely naked next to a man that she does not even know. Without thinking she grabs her clothes and... read more
6,909,021 reads votes 167,349 comments 23,173
Borgata - Book II

Borgata - Book II

6 pages, updated May 06, 2015
**DESCRIPTION SOON** This is Book II in the Vendetta series, but a PREQUEL to Omertà. You CAN read this book before Omertà, although you may get confused from time to time!
63,231 reads votes 5,500 comments 1,023
Casanova In Love

Casanova In Love

15 parts / 51 pages, updated May 19, 2015
Ethan Salvay...a billionaire...a womanizer...A Casanova. He drove expensive cars and lived life like a king. No one thought that this billionaire was going to fall in l... read more
1,422,206 reads votes 32,892 comments 2,957
With Hope And Love (MBFB 2)

With Hope And Love (MBFB 2)

17 parts / 36 pages, updated May 18, 2015
Sequel to My Best Friend's Brother. Hope and Nate are a official couple and she is starting her final year at a new school. While Nate is due to finishes off... read more
240,457 reads votes 7,531 comments 1,432


12 parts / 45 pages, updated May 15, 2015Pictures
He came out of nowhere, then he was everywhere. Creating encounters so intense that they left her wanting. Had her doing things she wouldn’t normally consider and without regre... read more
469,215 reads votes 13,662 comments 1,047


22 parts / 64 pages, updated May 20, 2015
Harley (Formerly, My Heart) When Cade Williams finally receives her first assignment, she doesn't expect to form an immediate bond with the eight-year old Harley. Nor does she ex... read more
115,005 reads votes 5,265 comments 465
A Touch of Grace

A Touch of Grace

7 parts / 24 pages, updated May 17, 2015
Sometimes, guys tease you because they like you; and sometimes, they’re just jerks. And in Gracelyn’s case, Phoenix is just a jerk. Or at least, she thinks he is. *DESCRIPTION UNDER MAJOR CONSTRUCTION* Cover by Wattpad user @escapists
84,744 reads votes 5,206 comments 1,831
Loving Bad

Loving Bad

68 parts / 127 pages, updated Apr 22, 2015PicturesCompleted
The good girl falls for the bad boy. But what if there is more to Sin Carter then a bad attitude, tattoos and piercings. And what if there is more to the Taylor Price then t... read more
17,082,742 reads votes 418,347 comments 56,849
The Princess

The Princess

25 parts / 47 pages, updated May 19, 2015
Princess Evangeline has a life most woman dream about. She wears designer labels, attends the latest parties, and travels all over the world. Not to mention she's engaged to... read more
180,108 reads votes 5,809 comments 566


34 parts / 134 pages, updated Mar 02, 2015PicturesCompleted
❝You’re not my boss.❞ ❝Actually, I kind of am.❞ Zoey Hunter was always one to hold herself up to a high standard, and it showed. Her abundance of friends, perfect grade... read more
12,725,842 reads votes 302,531 comments 196,299
Rookie in Love [SYTYCW 2013]

Rookie in Love [SYTYCW 2013]

29 parts / 96 pages, updated Apr 27, 2015Completed
Madeline Stone knows where her future is heading-her family has that part all figured out. On her twenty-first birthday she is stealing a few moments back from... read more
8,316,151 reads votes 146,876 comments 13,375
Forever Grace (Ever After series book 3)

Forever Grace (Ever After series book 3)

28 parts / 75 pages, updated May 22, 2015
When injured police officer Sean McKittrick heads to his cottage, he’s planning on some much needed rest and recuperation. But the idyllic peace he... read more
970,816 reads votes 33,480 comments 2,781
The Chase Begins

The Chase Begins

33 parts / 166 pages, updated Dec 15, 2014Completed
They met on a vacation in Hawaii. She was there to try and heal her broken heart while he was trying to escape his fame. For four days they played the happy tourist coupl... read more
14,876,190 reads votes 210,690 comments 24,815
The Guy Next Door

The Guy Next Door

40 parts / 117 pages, updated Feb 28, 2015Completed
CAUTION MATURE CONTENT: 18 years or older advised Travis kissed his way down her stomach and pulled both or her hands into one of his when she tried to cover her stoma... read more
4,645,218 reads votes 78,760 comments 7,704
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