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Humor stories seek to entertain and amuse with fun, fancy, or ridiculousness, while simultaneously constructing a narrative that resonates with the reader. Sometimes these works take the form of Satire, wherein a story that may seem serious on the surface is carrying out a tongue-in-cheek critique of some cultural or societal element.

Boot Camp

Boot Camp

49 parts / 139 pages, updated Apr 25, 2015
Whitney isn't fat. But nor does she belong on the cover of Shape Magazine. Always being the last one picked in gym class in high school and the first to wish swimsuit season ... read more
8,110,040 reads votes 259,790 comments 70,191
The Arrogant Professor

The Arrogant Professor

38 parts / 152 pages, updated Apr 23, 2015
"Would you stop it?" I screamed at him letting my anger to consume me. "Stop what?" He glared inching towards me, making me walk backwards try... read more
23,976,408 reads votes 428,366 comments 166,330
Born for Royalty

Born for Royalty

47 parts / 125 pages, updated Mar 28, 2015
Having your whole life planned out, even before you were born probably sucks, so Isandra counted her stars that she wasn't conceived just for the prince. But making her g... read more
5,693,416 reads votes 122,528 comments 17,614
Detention Boys

Detention Boys

54 parts / 104 pages, updated Mar 01, 2015
“Alec, you’re drunk and confused. You don’t want this,” he said, but didn't try to move away. I could feel his breath on my lips, only a few inches separating our bodies. ... read more
746,788 reads votes 19,024 comments 3,645


19 parts / 46 pages, updated Mar 15, 2015
Γνωριστε την Κειλα, μια συμπαθητικη κοπελα με μια φυσιολογικη ζωη.Μια μερα ομως, η ζωη της θα αλλαξει οταν ενα καινούριο προσωπο θα μπει στη ζωη της! -Μα γ... read more
11,378 reads votes 781 comments 105
The Heartbroken Heartbreaker

The Heartbroken Heartbreaker

48 parts / 219 pages, updated Mar 20, 2015PicturesCompleted
“I’m not saying I’m attracted to you or anything,” I suddenly blurted out, unable to keep myself from blushing. “Just that you are attractive. To others, I mea... read more
23,649,515 reads votes 459,564 comments 202,668
Chapstick [EDITING]

Chapstick [EDITING]

33 parts / 85 pages, updated Sep 11, 2014VideoPicturesCompleted
"Why did you steal my chapsticks?!" "I didn't steal them, I'm simply testing them." "Those are mine!" "We can share," Seth gr... read more
2,559,260 reads votes 88,450 comments 39,580
Being The Badboy's Property

Being The Badboy's Property

27 parts / 74 pages, updated Apr 19, 2015
(Spin-off of Being The Badboy's Pet) "You're an idiot." I snorted, he quickly grabbed my wrist and pressed our bodies together. What the hell is... read more
357,109 reads votes 9,661 comments 1,591
The Billionaire's Ex-Wife

The Billionaire's Ex-Wife

13 parts / 22 pages, updated Dec 27, 2014
Sofia Hamilton suffered great heartache when she saw her husband in bed with her best friend. After 3 years of hiding in Brazil, she finally bumps into her one and only ex husband who will try his all to win her cold heart back.
195,773 reads votes 4,455 comments 331
Knight in Distress

Knight in Distress

18 parts / 81 pages, updated Mar 13, 2015VideoPicturesCompleted
When damsel Darcy Evers rescues knight-in-distress Miles Walker, she doesn’t expect anything in return. But then Miles falls head over heels in love with her; debunking every theory she’s ever had about boys and how quickly they fall in love.
1,387,459 reads votes 50,400 comments 11,345
strange. [ n + h ]

strange. [ n + h ]

7 parts / 9 pages, updated Feb 17, 2015
I didn't want to be born like I was, it's not my fault I turned out to have this certain feature on top of my head, people say i'm a freak, a mutant, messed up and mental but to tell you the truth i'm just a regular guy with antlers on my head.
5,358 reads votes 503 comments 120
Best-Friends With Benefits

Best-Friends With Benefits

52 parts / 136 pages, updated Jan 20, 2014Completed
Conner Rogers: Hot, athletic, and popular, with an ego the size of the Empire State Building. Selena Rider: Clumsy, uncoordinated-and-most-definitely-not-athlet... read more
18,147,642 reads votes 203,228 comments 38,612
Temporarily His

Temporarily His

44 parts / 162 pages, updated May 29, 2014Completed
He needed a wife for his company, she needed money for her family. "Blaze the last thing I want you to do before I die is marry." Is what Blaze's Grandmother to... read more
14,508,754 reads votes 203,372 comments 36,343
Loving  You  Desperately

Loving You Desperately

12 parts / 41 pages, updated Apr 21, 2015
The story of Laura and Chris continues. This is the sequel to Hating You Sweetly. Just when you thought their relationship couldn't get more chaotic. Laura and Ch... read more
76,189 reads votes 2,578 comments 340
My Record Store Romance

My Record Store Romance

40 parts / 190 pages, updated Apr 17, 2015Pictures
After an almost accident between Hailey and a stranger leaves her summer, and car, in ruins, she is left with no transportation and one ultimatum; to get a job and... read more
4,100,503 reads votes 66,118 comments 11,318
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