Humor Stories

Humor stories seek to entertain and amuse with fun, fancy, or ridiculousness, while simultaneously constructing a narrative that resonates with the reader. Sometimes these works take the form of Satire, wherein a story that may seem serious on the surface is carrying out a tongue-in-cheek critique of some cultural or societal element.

Knight in Distress

Knight in Distress

19 parts / 87 pages, updated Apr 30, 2015VideoPicturesCompleted
When damsel Darcy Evers rescues knight-in-distress Miles Walker, she doesn’t expect anything in return. But then Miles falls head over heels in love with her; debunking every theory she’s ever had about boys and how quickly they fall in love.
1,597,211 reads votes 57,140 comments 12,903


27 parts / 38 pages, updated May 08, 2015Completed
Anxiety is a normal human emotion that everyone experiences at times. Whereas anxiety disorder is a serious mental illness. I believe that n... read more
177,843 reads votes 6,577 comments 1,377
Loving  You  Desperately

Loving You Desperately

13 parts / 45 pages, updated May 20, 2015
The story of Laura and Chris continues. This is the sequel to Hating You Sweetly. Just when you thought their relationship couldn't get more chaotic. Laura and Ch... read more
82,256 reads votes 2,770 comments 350


9 parts / 47 pages, updated Apr 06, 2015Pictures
“Well hey there, at least buy me dinner first.” I could feel Aaron's eyes burning through the back of my head as he stared down at me. Down. Towards his crotch. I was face to c... read more
357,053 reads votes 8,104 comments 2,720
Link Dane

Link Dane

10 parts / 34 pages, updated May 04, 2015
Every Father scowls at him. Every Mother prays from him. Every boy hates him. And every girl stays away from him. Because he was Link Dane. That one boy who seemed even mor... read more
120,061 reads votes 6,532 comments 1,512
The ImPerfect Kid

The ImPerfect Kid

36 parts / 32 pages, updated Apr 15, 2015
12-Year-Old Danny knows that his parents expect a lot from him. He tries, but fails to be the 'Perfect Kid' for his parents. Danny tries to figure out "How Parents... read more
289,240 reads votes 8,779 comments 5,957
My Crazy Cinderella Story

My Crazy Cinderella Story

39 parts / 219 pages, updated May 12, 2015
Why hello readers! Okay, so here's the introduction to my life Hi, my name is Alexis Black but mos... read more
1,217,273 reads votes 20,300 comments 7,962
Hidden Interest (bxb)

Hidden Interest (bxb)

4 parts / 11 pages, updated May 21, 2015
**Book Two in the 'Hidden' Series** There’s only one reason Jude Nash is attending college, and that’s to get his hands on a diploma as fast as possible in order to ... read more
4,678 reads votes 391 comments 329
The Girl behind Shadows

The Girl behind Shadows

6 parts / 15 pages, updated May 21, 2015
Yasmin. A girl behind shadows, masking her true self with a fake façade whenever 'He' is around. A person she once called a lover is now a hater, Who once cared b... read more
2,800 reads votes 486 comments 642
Playing Against the Player [NaNoWriMo #JustWriteIt 2015]

Playing Against the Player [NaNoWriMo #JustWriteIt 2015]

31 parts / 72 pages, updated May 09, 2015Completed
"Step one: get his attention." "Step two: make him pissed." "Step three: make him jealous." And that's how... read more
529,241 reads votes 14,167 comments 1,646
Trumpet Geeks

Trumpet Geeks

1 page, updated May 06, 2015
"What did you just call me?" she gasped with outrage, her lips spluttering as her eyebrows knitted together. I gulped, pushing my glasses up the bridge of my nos... read more
3,142 reads votes 316 comments 74
And he still didn't fire me

And he still didn't fire me

36 parts / 64 pages, updated May 21, 2015Completed
"Your resume says your main achievement is... finishing a rubber before losing it because you are awesome." "Yep!" "Your personal... read more
30,161 reads votes 1,034 comments 96
The Awkward Diaries

The Awkward Diaries

21 parts / 90 pages, updated Apr 11, 2015VideoPictures
Selena has never been the one to date. Though her best friend, Camille, has been trying to get her a boyfriend for months, all came out as failed attempts. Selena wasn... read more
318,600 reads votes 6,760 comments 2,026
The million dollar wife

The million dollar wife

20 parts / 67 pages, updated May 20, 2015
Chanel Daniels isn't your average 19 year old. she lives with her brother and works at a bar. Well maybe she sounds like an ordinary girl at first, but with one f... read more
39,197 reads votes 1,389 comments 592
Infinite Chase

Infinite Chase

1 page, updated May 15, 2015VideoPictures
Colliding with Fate Book 2
1,553 reads votes 155 comments 59
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